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About Hoffer Flow Controls

Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc.
107 Kitty Hawk Lane
POB 2145
Elizabeth City, NC 27909-2145
+1-252-331-2886 (fax)

Hoffer Flow Controls manufactures high precision and cost effective turbine flowmeters, flow computers, and flowrate indicators across numerous markets and applications. It also offers ultrasonic and magnetic flowmeters.

History and Organization

Hoffer Flow Controls was founded in 1969 in New Jersey by Ken Hoffer, a young engineer and production manager at Potter Aeronautical, which had closed the year before. That company’s founder, David Potter, had developed the turbine flowmeter for the U.S. Navy in the 1940s, especially for fuel flow measurement, and later licensed the technology to other companies. 

Ken Hoffer, today the CEO and Board Chairman, pioneered the use of the turbine flowmeter in cryogenic liquid measurement. For its first 10 years, Hoffer Flow Controls specialized in cryogenic flow measurement systems and then began to diversify into other markets, including oil patch, chemical and petro-chemical, aerospace, and energy measurement. The company later introduced its products to the European Common Market, Central and South America, and the Far East. The company uses domestic and international manufacturer’s representatives.

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